Love Island dressing with Lily Lulu

Are you still feeling the Love Island withdrawal symptoms? We are! Half the Lily Lulu team have filled in their application forms for Love Island 2019 and the other half are watching Dani and Jack’s social media romance and yearning for summer to return.

 Of course, there’s one thing the Lily Lulu crew don’t have to worry about - what to pack! With our denim frill dress making a big #loveisland hit when it was sported by Megan Barton-Hanson, we know that when it comes to the party dress reveal, Lily Lulu will be up there with the contenders. 

Camry denim frill dress as seen on Love Island

Of course, it's not just the Love Island ladies who love the Camry dress, it's a firm fave with bloggers as well.

styleignite camry.jpgjillgourlayx CAMRY 3.jpg

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#loveisland outfits for you

We’ve got your Love Island options covered. If you weren’t lucky enough to win the competition for our cutie denim dress, you can still buy it from us online. And to round out your outfit for autumn why not invest in our oversized embellished denim jacket? It’s guaranteed to keep you toasty warm while you’re looking TD.

camry bloggers 2.jpg

Of course, the cold weather is on its way, and that totally destroys the Love Island vibe, but never fear, Lily Lulu has you covered (literally!). Not sure how to wear your denim dress into the colder weather? It's just as cute layered over a tee.


If you’re still lovin’ that bodycon denim yet feeling the chill, top your look with a baker boy hat in champagne or blue to stop you losing all your body heat through your head, and wrap yourself in a snuggly scarf while you’re outdoors.

Party fashion at home or clubbing

Megan Barton-Hanson wears Lily Lulu Mikaela bodysuit

Once you’re safe in the warm, you can relax and disrobe, bringing your sunshine vibes to the party. Our on-trend floral lace bodysuit is exactly the kind of garm that makes you feel special from your lingerie right up to your bling and right now it’s on sale. 

So whether you’re out on the town with the girls, or staying in for a tour of Love Island’s best bits with your #guyoftheday, Lily Lulu’s got everything you need to stay until next year’s contestants arrive on the island … and who knows, we might see you there?