The joy of the back to school aisle

At Lily Lulu we’ve had an amazing summer - we’ve been burnished and sun-kissed and worn our bikinis day in and day out, but now all that’s coming to an end. The supermarkets are full of ‘back to school’ aisles and while children might be dragging their heels on the way to school, we’re thrilled. Why?

Well, it’s not because we nipped out in our lunch break to buy our notebooks and pens, even though we love September’s new stationery as much as the next grown-up kid! No, it’s because we know just how easy it is to create the ideal autumn look using the school uniform theme but updating it for adult wear.

Autumn’s most flattering colours from Lily Lulu

Do you know why school uniforms come in three basic colours: navy, charcoal and green? It’s because these are the most flattering tones to every skin-tone. Every woman looks fabulous in navy, grey is a wonderful neutral for your autumn wardrobe and deep green enhances every complexion.

military-style-tailored-blazer-jacket-navy-blue-salma-lily-lulu-fashion-1.jpg belted-satin-high-waisted-flared-trousers-green-Alisha-lily-lulu-fashion-2-2.jpg Ribbed-Turtleneck-Knit-Jumper-Top-Grey-Noreen-Lily-Lulu-Fashion--2-.jpg

For example, our navy blazer is the sassiest autumn wear - sexy but stylish, elegant but still cute! Then there’s our grey polo neck sweater - perfect for layering, in a shade that harmonises with everything in your wardrobe and finally, the chance to wear our gorgeous green palazzo pants make the winter ahead a real joy. Working these base shades in conjunction with your own favourite accents means you’ll always look really pulled together, and your personal spin on autumn’s key colours gives you scope to express yourself.

Fashion forward faux fur

So we’re putting away our swimsuits and getting into our winter jackets - just like we used to when we were school kids. But unlike our schooldays, we don’t have to wear some boring school uniform jacket. Oh no! Lily Lulu has perfect faux fur jackets to make autumn snuggly as well as stunning. Just look at our range … there’s bound to be a jacket that’s right for you, from unicorn pink fur lining an urban camo parka through to our padded puffa in 2018’s top metallic shade: silver.


One of our best sellers is the quilted faux fur hooded puffer coat; its range of colours from buttercup yellow through to jet black means there’s something for everyone and the cut is a super choice, giving you the crisp, clean outerwear line that we’re all looking for at this time of year. Nobody wants a saggy coat, right?

So whether you’re all about urban chic or prefer to play in the eclectic fashion terrain, we’ve got everything you need to curate your own catwalk ready style. Winter, we're ready for you!&a